we are shooting a new feature with Zdeněk Jiráský!

Marek (13) hates his mother’s boyfriend and is constantly shooting and posting videos online. These impress Tereza, “a good family girl”. Together, they start filming risky situations they stage or cause. Tereza suggests they run away from home. They stage even rougher  videos and pretend Marek kidnapped her. After Marek calls Tereza’s mother, there is no way back. They buy train tickets to go as far as possible and end up in Bucharest, in a dirty suburb apartment-block neighbourhood, stealing food. The halcyon free ride is over, and they begin to realize their escape won’t last much longer.

. dir: Zdeněk Jiráský, dop: Michal Černý, edit: Petr Turyna, sound: Jan Čtvrtník, producer: Jordi Niubó

produced by i/o post

in coproduction with Arina and Tangaj production

supported by Sony Europe