Project Description



One day, teenager Magda offers her expensive necklace to a sick child in the hospital she volunteers at. Her father is certain she is lying again. When she proves her innocence, he is ashamed and guilty but also incapable to admit he was wrong. Relationships are now broken and in chaos, and past decisions have irreversible outcome.

DIRECTOR Emanuel Pârvu

SCRIPT Alexanru Popa a Emanuel Pârvu

DOP Silviu Stavila

EDIT Dan Stefan Parlog

SOUND Mihai Bogos

PRODUCER Miruna Berescu (Famart Association)

CO-PRODUCER Jordi Niubó ( i/o post)

i/o post film scan, grading, online, VFX, DCP mastering

HRAJÍ Serban Pavlu, Ana Indricau, Tudor Cucu-Dumitrescu, Crina Semciuc a další