Project Description



After Night Talks with My Mother and The Landscape of My Heart, Jan Němec shot another self-documentary on the border between an experiment and a fictional essay. It describes the circumstances that accompanied his filming of the Soviet invasion in the streets of Prague on August 21, 1968. Four reels of valuable material, taken on his own initiative, had no value in the occupied state: they had to be shown to the world. The director and a pair of friends took the precious material, which included sixteen minutes in uncut form, to Austria across practically closed borders under very bizarre circumstances. The most important of them were the “Ferrari Dino girl”, ie the beautiful but unattainable girl Jana, and the author’s beloved car Fiat 850. Jan Němec again examines the reality of his life in relation to the Czech past. Intimate history is inextricably intertwined with “great” history. The creator confronts the fictional touches (in which he is embodied by Karel Roden) with the original material, which flew around the world more than forty years ago.

SCRIPT  Jan Němec
DOP Jiří Maxa, Vladimír Vízner, Pavel Jech
EDITOR Michal Lánský
SOUND  Ivo Špalj
PRODUCER  Jan Němec, Iva Ruszeláková
i/o post color grading, online/VFX, DCP mastering

CAST  Karel Roden, Jan Budař, Tammy Sundquist, Jan Němec