Ice Mother, produced by Negativ ( Pavel Strnad and Petr Oukropec), is the winner of the best film feature prize at the 2018 Czech Film and Television Academy (CFTA) awards. Additionally, it got 5 more awards – for the best director (Bohdan Sláma), the best actress in leading role (Zuzana Kronerová), the best actor in leading role (Pavel Nový), the best actress in supporting role (Petra Špalková) and also for the best original screenplay (Bohdan Sláma). Little Crusader, directed by Václav Kadrnka, the film feature winner at IFF Karlovy Vary in 2017 got the prize in the category for the best film score and was nominated in 9 more categories. Co-production and complete visual postproduction of both films by i/o post. Congratulations to the winners!