we are shooting a new feature with Zdeněk Jiráský! Marek (13) hates his mother’s boyfriend and is constantly shooting and posting videos online. These impress Tereza, “a good family girl”. Together, they start filming risky situations they stage or cause. Tereza suggests they run away from home. They stage even rougher  [...]

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in postproduction: a new film by Jana Ševčíková who recently received at Ji.hlava IFF the honorary award for her life contribution to cinematography Blindness has a thousand shades. We who are sighted see only one... The human will to overcome the limitations of varying degrees of blindness. Breaking up. Yearning for a life [...]

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Absence, our Iranian - Czech - Slovak co-production had its world premier at the 45th Sao Paulo IFF! Asian premier took place at the 52nd Goa IFF! Award for the 2nd best Asian film at the Bengaluru IFF! Rouzbeh arrives in Prague, far from his troubled family life in Tehran, to [...]

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Silent Land selected to the prestigious and only competition section Platform at 46th Toronto IFF! The European premier took place at the Zurich IFF FIPRESCI award from the 62nd Thessaloniki IFF ! A perfect couple rents a holiday home on a sunny Italian island. The reality does not live up to [...]

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Mikado selected to the New Directors section of the 69th San Sebastian IFF! One day, teenager Magda offers her expensive necklace to a sick child in the hospital she volunteers at. Her father is certain she is lying again. When she proves her innocence, he is ashamed and guilty but also [...]

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I Would Not Change Anything

Our new documentary is born! The film I Would Not Change Anything is a documentary portrait of Kateřina Morozová. Kateřina is already a grown-up young woman. After her birth she was placed in the baby institution, where she spent almost five years. But she was given a second chance and her [...]

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Please have look at the before/after test from the recently digitized documentary film OLD BELIEVERS of director and producer Jana Ševčíková. The digitalization was supported by Czech Film Fund and we became proud co-producers. The film will be soon available in 4K/2K/HD formats in cinemas and on selected VOD platforms with Czech [...]

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Our films are mostly on dafilms Jako z filmu | dafilms.cz | filmy online Obyčejný člověk | dafilms.cz | filmy online Noc bezMoci | dafilms.cz | filmy online Třetí poločas | dafilms.cz | filmy online V tichu | dafilms.cz | filmy online Punk je hned! | dafilms.cz | filmy online Toyen [...]

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