in postproduction: a new film by Jana Ševčíková who recently received at Ji.hlava IFF the honorary award for her life contribution to cinematography

Blindness has a thousand shades. We who are sighted see only one… The human will to overcome the limitations of varying degrees of blindness. Breaking up. Yearning for a life with someone else, someone to love and to touch. Dancing in place and in the dark. Dreams and reality. Simple stories can hide complicated fates and grand dramas. The characters’ energy and spontaneity is captivating and full of optimism. Empathy without sentimentality. The basic conundrum – how to show blindness through images. The black-and-white camera is focused on light and shadow, composition, and the protagonists’ movements as they navigate their surroundings. The music, complemented by expressively stylised sounds, immerses the viewer into the inner worlds of these six characters. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, never fear: A lyric from one of the songs becomes the film’s central message.

. dir: Jana Ševčíková, dop: Jaromír Kačer, edit: Lucie Haladová, sound: Pavel Dvořák