Project Description



Into the Wind is a story about three young people on a summer cruise around the Greek Islands. Unrestrained siblings Matyáš and Natálie are the yacht’s crew. The son of the boat owner, documentary filmmaker Honza, joins them in the harbour. The growing fondness between Natálie and Honza interferes with the perfect coexistence of the siblings, and suddenly a new reality surfaces to show their seemingly carefree voyage in a different light. An unusual love triangle taking place in an appealing yacht environment portrays, through the main heroes, the desires and concerns of today’s younger generation. Debut director Sofie Šustáková and her young crew filmed a generational narrative on the limited space of a sailboat on the open sea and the scenic islands of Northern Sporades.

DIRECTOR Sofie Šustková
SCREENPLAY Sofie Šustsková
D.O.P. Jan Pivoňka

EDITOR Michal Reich

SOUND Lukáš Moudrý

PRODUCERS Michal Nýdrle, Lucie Gorovoj

CO-PRODUCERS Jordi Niubó, Lukáš Moudrý
i/o post offline, grading, online/VFX, DCP mastering

CAST Vladimír Polívka, Jenovéfa Boková, Matyáš Řezníček