Czech Critics Award: best feature of 2020 is Shadow Country and best actress Magdalena Borová. Congratulations! We are honored to be part of this unique feature.

15 nominations for Czech Lions! We cross our fingers for the best! Narrative, black & white and shot on 35 mm film!

Shadow Country tells a story of people in a small town of Schwarzwald, dragged by history through the events of 30’s and 40’s of the last century. How to reconcile with killings committed by your own neighbors? How to face growing evil that nobody stands against? What can human will overcome and what is the value of humility and hope? Bohdan Sláma is shooting on negative and in black and white. The Shadow Country is an incredibly topical film full of powerful stories that you must see on a big screen.


The shoot of PLANET PRAGUE goes on and we look forward to have the sequel of the acclaimed WILDER THAN WILDERNESS in our post.

Prague is one of the greatest tourist attractions the world has to offer. Whether it be the medieval atmosphere or the Kafkaesque spirit, millions of people are drawn to it. But the Mother of all Cities also has a particular hidden aspect – within sight of the Old Town Square’s Astronomical Clock and Charles Bridge live hundreds of rare species you’d hardly expect to see here.


Our new coproduction feature with Kazakhstan directed by Elzat Eskendir is in its final postproduction stage

Three people are living in a remote farming place: Old Man, Man and Woman. Their life surrounded by pristine nature seems to be monotonous and quiet. But these people do not have peace of mind. They have lost bonds with each other. Each of them is a separate alienated soul with their own secrets, fate and decisions. They are only nominally the members of one family. After wolves attack their shed, some of the issues in their lives start to unfold. Their usual daily actions, like selling the sheep meat, reveal the hidden sides of their lives: Man having a lover in the town, Woman seeking for other men’s attention. We discover that they once had a child that died shortly after its birth… While Old Man can only observe his family falling apart, the abyss seems to slowly turn into tragedy…


Dear friends and fellow filmmakers, despite the current unusual situation we are at your disposal and we work. Just contact us in advance by phone at 603 963 632

Your i/o post


A film by Juraj Šlauka is nominated for 6 awards at the Slovak National Awards Slnko v sieti!

best: feature, director, script, music, costume design, actor in a leading role

A film inspired by the closely observed life of punks, who spend their lives on the periphery of the city. A thirty-year-old drug addict lives in a decaying sublet at a dump with his partner and his two-year-old son. His “idyllic” world is suddenly threatened by a letter from the social services. In fear of losing the child, the punk pulls himself together and attempts to resolve the situation. His impulsive behaviour, however, does not take any account of the consequences, and all the opportunities turn into a free fall.


Slovenian – Czech coproduction directed by Matjaž Ivanišin on a festival journey: IFF Locarno – Cineasti del Presente, Portoros Film Festival – Vesna Award Best Supporting Actor (Slovenia), Viennale – Competition (Austria), Thessaloniki Film Festival – Competition (Greece), Gijon Film Festival  – Llendes Section (Spain), Author’s Film Festival (Serbia), Trieste Film Festival (Italy)


A story of two brothers told from three different perspectives


New Iranian-Czech-Slovak film ABSENCE (before HALVES) is in the editing room

Ali Mosaffa – i/o post – Arina – Hypermarket film co-production

An Iranian man, while investigating into his father’s youth in Prague, finds himself in the shoes of a third man who is almost dead and happens to be his half brother.

Directed by Ali Mosaffa


our short Alula was selected to 65th Oberhausen IFF

Waiting for her parents to pick her up, a bored young girl lets her imagination drift her away to the dark side.

Directed by Kaveh Daneshmand


Let´s admire the inexpressible beauty, diversity and indestructible life energy of nature in the Bohemian Lands, together by watching WILDER THAN WILDERNESS, a new documentary feature by Marián Polák. You will learn about the nature´s strength to survive through its adaptability in cities as well as in villages. No. 3 in cinema attendance among Czech films in 2018! Soon welcoming over 100.000 cinema viewers! Thank you!


INSECT – a new feature film by the world famous czech director Jan Švankmajer has recently arrived to cinemas.

Exclusive digital to 35mm color intermediate transfer of the film recording developed by i/o post in collaboration with the Czech TV laboratories.

The most nominations at the 25th Czech Lion Awards obtained by the film Ice Mother

Ice Mother, produced by Negativ ( Pavel Strnad and Petr Oukropec), is the winner of the best film feature prize at the 2018 Czech Film and Television Academy (CFTA) awards. Additionally, it got 5 more awards – for the best director (Bohdan Sláma), the best actress in leading role (Zuzana Kronerová), the best actor in leading role (Pavel Nový), the best actress in supporting role (Petra Špalková) and also for the best original screenplay (Bohdan Sláma). Little Crusader, directed by Václav Kadrnka, the film feature winner at IFF Karlovy Vary in 2017 got the prize in the category for the best film score and was nominated in 9 more categories. Co-production and complete visual postproduction of both films by i/o post. Congratulations to the winners!